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Lumia Beamer: Share Windows Phone screen on other screen

Remember: It often pays to find the right Windows troubleshooting tools for the task 13 Troubleshooting Tools to Fix Windows 10 13 Troubleshooting Tools to Fix Windows 10 For every Windows issue, you will find there’s tool you can use to repair it. Find your problem on this list and select one from the 13 troubleshooting and repair tools for Windows 10. Read More , rather than a single tool that api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll missing statements to do everything.

PC Repair Tools concentrates on removing this junk and debloating your system. It reports only "No component store corruption detected" or "Component store corruption detected." It’s a simple Yes or No check into WinSxS. Most problems related to Windows operating systems come from damaged files and corrupted system components. In order to correct dll errors deriving in the Windows operating system, complete the 4th Method and also the 5th Method.

In order to cope with this issue, you’ll be able to download and install the most recent Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and appearance whether or not this helps. 4: Fix WMP: Free standalone utility to re-register Windows Media Player dll and ocx files. Boot Repair Disk is a bootable DVD for repairing any Windows computer that can’t boot. Of course, the installed files could possibly be different by version. Deleting or modifying the items in a DLL file could potentially cause errors inside the program that references the file.

Unless your DLL can be a Component Object Model (COM) server, the DLL file has to be put into one of the directories listed within the PATH environment variable, within the default system directory, or inside the same directory since the program making use of it. COM server DLLs are registered using , which places the DLL’s location and its globally unique ID ( GUID ) inside registry. For Windows deployments, if you are using this program provided with QtCreator, all dependencies will likely be created with your deployment directory for you personally.

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